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Uniform Gauss-Weight Quadratures for Discrete Ordinate Transport Calculations

John F. Carew, Kai Hu, Gabriel Zamonsky

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 136 / Number 2 / October 2000 / Pages 282-293


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Recently, a uniform equal-weight quadrature set, UEn, and a uniform Gauss-weight quadrature set, UGn, have been derived. These quadratures have the advantage over the standard level-symmetric LQn quadrature sets in that the weights are positive for all orders,and the transport solution may be systematically converged by increasing the order of the quadrature set. As the order of the quadrature is increased,the points approach a uniform continuous distribution on the unit sphere,and the quadrature is invariant with respect to spatial rotations. The numerical integrals converge for continuous functions as the order of the quadrature is increased.

The numerical characteristics of the UEn quadrature set have been investigated previously. In this paper, numerical calculations are performed to evaluate the application of the UGn quadrature set in typical transport analyses. A series of DORT transport calculations of the >1-MeV neutron flux have been performed for a set of pressure-vessel fluence benchmark problems. These calculations employed the UGn (n = 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32) quadratures and indicate that the UGn solutions have converged to within ~0.25%. The converged UGn solutions are found to be comparable to the UEn results and are more accurate than the level-symmetric S16 predictions.

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