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A Fission-Source Acceleration Technique for Time-Dependent Even-Parity Sn Calculations

J. E. Morel, J. M. McGhee

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 116 / Number 2 / February 1994 / Pages 73-85


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A synthetic scheme for accelerating the convergence of the fission source in time-dependent multigroup even-parity Sn calculations with downscatter is described. The low-order operator associated with this scheme is a one-group diffusion operator. Thus, this scheme can be thought of as a variant of diffusion synthetic acceleration. A Fourier analysis of this scheme is performed, which indicates that it is unconditionally effective for a spatially infinite model problem. Computational results are presented that show excellent performance of the method in three-dimensional calculations. Although this method is derived for the even-parity Sn equations, it can easily be generalized for application to the standard first-order Sn equations. The accelerated iteration equations for both the even-parity and first-order Sn equations are given, but only the even-parity algorithm is computationally tested.

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