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Anisotropy in the Scattering of Thermal Neutrons in Crystalline Moderators—Beryllium Oxide

A. N. Verma, Balesh Verma, Feroz Ahmed, L. S. Kothari

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 80 / Number 2 / February 1982 / Pages 329-333


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Anisotropy in the scattering of thermal neutrons from beryllium oxide has been investigated. Elastic differential scattering cross sections have been calculated by replacing the δ function occurring in the expression by a Gaussian. The effect of changing the width of the Gaussian on the differential cross section has also been studied. Anisotropy in inelastic scattering has been calculated for coherent one-phonon and incoherent one- and two-phonon processes. Using these differential cross sections, we have calculated the energy distribution of neutrons scattered along different directions by a beryllium oxide slab and these results are compared with corresponding measured results. The agreement between the two sets of results is found to be good.

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