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On the Curvature of Transmitted Intensity Plots in Broad Beam Studies

A. H. El-Kateb

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 135 / Number 2 / June 2000 / Pages 190-198


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Transmission of a broad beam of gamma rays of 81- and 356-keV energies from 133Ba is studied singly and dually. This study is the first to deal with the curvatures of the intensity plots. The targets are dextrose solutions of percentage concentrations up to 0.125 and soil containing water with concentrations up to 0.319. The logarithmic intensity plots are expressed in terms of a polynomial in the concentration. The curvatures of the plots are measured and calculated on the basis of the theoretical mass attenuation coefficients. The results are discussed in conjunction with buildup factors and the probability of photoelectric and Compton interactions. The curvatures show maxima when incoherent interaction prevails. This is evidently proved in case of the single 356-keV and of the dual 81- and 356-keV applied energies. Comparison is performed between the measured and calculated curvatures. The concept of curvature is applied and discussed for published results of narrow beam geometry. Correspondingly, this is the first search to introduce curvature instead of buildup as a measure for transmitted collided photons.

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