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In-Pile Fission-Gas Release from Single-Crystal UO2

R. M. Carroll and O. Sisman

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 21 / Number 2 / February 1965 / Pages 147-158


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The fission-gas release from single-crystal UO2 has been studied during irradiation at temperatures from 400°C to 1300°C and neutron fluxes from 1 × 1013 to 4 × 1013. The fractional gas release (rate of release/rate of production) was found to decrease with burnup and with increase in fission rate. Fission-gas release was independent of temperature below 600°C but increased exponentially with higher temperatures. From the proportions of different isotopes in the fission gas, it was concluded that a knock-out process controlled the low-temperature gas release. The high-temperature release, once thought to be by diffusion, is now postulated to be controlled by a trapping mechanism.

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