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Experimental Determination of the Resonance Integral for 237Np in a Heavy Water Solution

Yu. E. Titarenko, O. V. Shvedov, M. M. Igumnov, E. I. Karpikhin, V. F. Batyaev, V. I. Volk, A. Yu. Vakhrushin, S. V. Shepelkov, A. V. Lopatkin, S. G. Mashnik, T. A. Gabriel

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 131 / Number 1 / January 1999 / Pages 96-106


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Experimental determination of the resonance neutron absorption in a heavy water solution of 2.57 g/litre 237Np is presented. Experimental samples were irradiated in the MAKET critical plant. Prior to irradiation, 237Np was radiochemically purified to remove 233Pa. The experimental samples were prepared by evaporating two aliquot samples taken from the irradiated solution. The nuclide composition of the samples was analyzed using a GC-2518 Ge detector, a 1510 module, and an S-100 plate to emulate a multichannel analyzer in an IBM personal computer. The spectrometric resolution was 1.8 keV at the 1332-keV line. The gamma spectra were processed by the ASPRO code. The neutron flux was measured by two methods using Al + 55Mn + natCu + 197Au + natLu alloy foils.

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