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Recent Progress in Fusion-Fission Hybrid Reactor Design Studies

J. A. Maniscalco, D. H. Berwald, R. B. Campbell, R. W. Moir, J.D. Lee

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 1 / Number 4 / October 1981 / Pages 419-478


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An overview is presented of recent design trends and developments in fusion-fission hybrid reactor concepts. Emphasis is on recent progress and developments but a brief review of the evolution of the hybrid concept since 1950 is also presented. Required fusion performance and technology development issues for the fusion-fission hybrid are explored with the tandem mirror as the primary example of a fusion driver. The results show that fusion breeders, especially those with suppressed-fission blankets, have the potential to produce unprecedented quantities of fissile fuel The resulting high light water reactor support ratio relaxes both the fusion performance required and the economic constraints for commercial feasibility. It also enhances the fusion breeder's ability to rapidly impact our energy needs.

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