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Materials Technology for Fusion: Current Status and Future Requirements

R. E. Gold, E. E. Bloom, F. W. Clinard, Jr., D. L. Smith, R. D. Stevenson, W. G. Wolfer

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 1 / Number 2 / April 1981 / Pages 169-237


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An overview is presented of the general status of materials research and development activities related to the needs of controlled thermonuclear fusion reactors. Emphasis is placed on materials research and applications pertinent to magnetic confinement reactor concepts vis-à-vis inertial confinement reactor requirements; this reflects the greater maturity of the magnetic confinement technology programs. The research efforts associated with materials development for first-wall applications are given special attention; in addition, the research and general status of programs aimed at nonfirst-wall or nonstructural fusion reactor materials requirements are also reviewed.

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