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Multidimensional Space-Time Kinetics of a Heavy-Water-Moderated Nuclear Reactor

W. G. Winn, N. P. Baumann, C. E. Jewell

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 73 / Number 3 / March 1980 / Pages 294-300


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Diffusion theory analysis of a series of multidimensional space-time experiments is appraised in terms of the final experiment of the series. In particular, TRIMHX diffusion calculations were examined for an experiment involving free-fall insertion of a 235U-bearing rod into a heavy-water-moderated reactor with a large reflector. The experimental transient flux-tilts were accurately reproduced after cross-section adjustments forced agreement between static diffusion calculations and static reactor measurements. The time-dependent features were particularly well modeled, and the bulk of the small discrepancies in space-dependent features should be removable by more refined cross-section adjustments. This experiment concludes a series of space-time experiments that span a wide range of delayed neutron holdback effects. TRIMHX calculations of these experiments demonstrate the accuracy of the modeling employed in the code.

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