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Neutron and Gamma-Ray Penetrations in Thick Iron

Yoshiaki Oka, Shigehiro An, Shigeru Kasai, Shun-ichi Miyasaka, Kinji Koyama

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 73 / Number 3 / March 1980 / Pages 259-273


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Measurements of neutron and gamma-ray penetrations in an iron shield were performed up to a 60-cm depth in a tightly coupled source shield configuration with the fast-neutron reactor YAYOI as a source. Rates of neutron reactions and gamma-ray dose rates in the iron shield were obtained using activation foils and thermoluminescent dosimeters. Analyses of the experiments were made by using the DOT-III code with coupled neutron and gamma-ray cross sections from ENDF/B-IV and POPOP4 libraries. To obtain the source condition for the iron shield analyses, the calculated spectrum was adjusted to the measured reaction rates at the reactor shield boundary. The calculated neutron and gamma-ray distributions in the iron shield show fairly good agreement with the experiments. The effect of difference in Bondarenko-type self-shielding factors on the analyses of the iron shield is also shown.

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