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A Measurement of the 27Al(d, n) Spectrum for Use in Neutron Detector Calibration

T. N. Massey, S. Al-Quraishi, C. E. Brient, J. F. Guillemette, S. M. Grimes, D. Jacobs, J. E. O'Donnell, J. Oldendick, R. Wheeler

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 129 / Number 2 / June 1998 / Pages 175-179


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Calibration of neutron detectors for use in measurements spanning a wide range of neutron energies is normally a challenging task. Use of monoenergetic neutron beams is tedious and not convenient for certain energies. Measurements of a continuous spectrum of neutrons from the 27Al(d,n) reaction at Ed = 7.44 MeV have been made with a fission chamber. This should allow rapid calibration of neutron detectors in the energy range 0.2 En 14.5 MeV.

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