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Subcritical Limits for Plutonium Systems

H. K. Clark

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 79 / Number 1 / September 1981 / Pages 65-84


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As a contribution to a required review of American National Standard for Nuclear Criticality Safety in Operations with Fissionable Materials Outside Reactors, limits for plutonium systems have been recalculated to confirm their subcriticality under the stated conditions or to propose other values. Additional limits were calculated for Pu(NO3)4 solutions that allow credit for the presence of 240Pu. Limits were calculated for PuO2. Three methods were used to calculate limits for aqueous solutions. Only the two Sn methods were applied to metal and oxide. The validity of each was established by extensive correlation with critical experiments, and in some cases with experiments performed subsequent to the original limit calculations.

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