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On-Line Confinement Regime Identification for the Discharge Control System at ASDEX Upgrade

Peter Franzen, Michael Kaufmann, Vitus F. Mertens, Gregor Neu, Gerhard Raupp, Thomas Zehetbauer, The ASDEX Upgrade Team, The NI Team

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 33 / Number 1 / January 1998 / Pages 84-96


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An algorithm is presented that identifies major confinement regimes on-line during a plasma discharge in the Tokamak ASDEX Upgrade. Apart from the ohmically heated regime with no additional heating power, low and high radiative L and H regimes are distinguished. The algorithm was successfully implemented in the ASDEX Upgrade discharge control system, allowing a dynamic control of the plasma discharge. In a first application, the control system recognized the falling back of the plasma from a high confinement regime to a low confinement regime and reacted accordingly, avoiding a disruption and enhancing the plasma performance by recovering the high confinement regime.

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