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The Total Neutron Cross Section of Boron-10 Between 90 and 420 keV

H. Beer, R. R. Spencer

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 70 / Number 1 / April 1979 / Pages 98-101


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The neutron total cross section of 10B has been determined between 90 and 420 keV neutron energy by means of a transmission measurement on a boron sample enriched in 10B. Deviations in shape from other measurements are within the statistical accuracy of the present measurement and are smaller than 1.5%. In the measured energy region, no indication of narrow resonance structure was found, and the deviation of the total cross section from an E−1/2 energy dependence above 100 keV was confirmed. An analysis using the R-matrix formalism showed that this deviation can be associated with the 7/2+ s-wave resonance at 370 keV.

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