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A Simplified, Coarse-Mesh, Three-Dimensional Diffusion Scheme for Calculating the Gross Power Distribution in a Boiling Water Reactor

S. Børresen

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 44 / Number 1 / April 1971 / Pages 37-43


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A simplified, finite-difference diffusion scheme for a three-dimensional calculation of the gross power distribution in the core of a boiling water reactor (BWR) is presented. Results obtained in a series of one- and two-dimensional test cases indicate that this method may be of sufficient accuracy and simplicity for implementation in BWR-simulator computer programs. Computer requirements are very modest; thus, only 3N memory locations are required for in-core treatment of the inner iteration in the solution of a problem with N mesh points. The mesh width may be chosen equal to the fuel assembly pitch. Input data are in the form of conventional 2-group diffusion parameters. It is concluded that the method presented has definite advantages in comparison with the nodal coupling method.

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