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Optimization of the Fuel Cell of a Spectral Shift Controlled Reactor

F. Alcalá

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 87 / Number 4 / August 1984 / Pages 460-469


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Some low enriched uranium-graphite water-cooled cells are analyzed from the point of view of both neutronic and thermal behavior. Such cells are of greater interest if their reactivity control is carried out by means of spectral shifting. This may be achieved by changing the relative concentration of a mixture of heavy and light water used as a coolant that flows through a system of tubes arranged in the graphite blocks. The increase of the relative fraction of light water during the burnup cycle extends the length of the cycle and makes it less proliferative. Performance of a cell of this kind is compared with that of a typical pressurized water reactor cell having the same type of fuel, degree of enrichment, specific power, and total power output.

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