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Analysis of Neutron Yields from High-Energy Proton Bombardment of Uranium Targets

H. Takahashi

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 87 / Number 4 / August 1984 / Pages 432-443


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A high-energy fission model is incorporated into the nucleon-meson transport code, NMTC, which has been used for predicting high-energy neutron yields from high-energy nucleon and pion collisions with nuclei. The experiments of Vasil'kov et al., Russel et al., and Fraser et al. to measure fissile material production rates from fertile material and to determine neutron production rates, are analyzed. Evaluations are made of the plutonium production rate from the infinite medium uranium block. The calculation including the high-energy fission process gives a more reasonable agreement with the experiments, than the process without high-energy fission. A possible refinement of the model, taking into account the rotational motion in the excited state, is discussed.

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