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Description of the 252Cf(sf) Neutron Spectrum in the Framework of a Generalized Madland-Nix Model

H. Märten, D. Seeliger

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 93 / Number 4 / August 1986 / Pages 370-375


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The Madland-Nix model (MNM) for the calculation of fission neutron spectra is modified considering the dependence on fragment mass number A. Further, an approximation of this generalized Madland-Nix model (GMNM) that takes into account the different center-of-mass system spectra for the light and heavy fragment groups is discussed. These new calculations are compared with two versions of the original MNM. In particular, the level density parameter, which was adjusted by fitting the calculated spectra to a Maxwellian distribution deduced from experimental data, becomes more reasonable in the framework of the GMNM. The results of the different model calculations are compared with experimental data on the 252Cf(sf) neutron spectrum in the 0.1- to 20-MeV energy range.

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