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Neutron Capture in the 1.15-keV Resonance of 56Fe Using Moxon-Rae Detectors

F. Corvi, C. Bastian, K. Wisshak

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 93 / Number 4 / August 1986 / Pages 348-356


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The capture area in the 1.15-keV neutron resonance of 56Fe was measured with Moxon-Rae detectors with converters of bismuth, bismuth-graphite, and graphite. The data were normalized to gold capture at 4.91 eV using the saturated resonance method. Two separate measurements were performed: the first with the detector axis at 120 deg with respect to the neutron beam direction and the second with the axis at 90 deg. The average of the results over the three detectors is gsГnГγ/ Г = (64.9 ± 2.4) meV for the 120-deg run and gГnГγ/Г = (63.5 ± 2.1) meV for the 90-deg run. These values are 14 to 16% larger than the corresponding one from transmission data. No reason is found for such a discrepancy.

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