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Use of Multidimensional Transport Methodology on Nuclear Logging Problems

John J. Ullo

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 92 / Number 2 / February 1986 / Pages 228-239


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A review is made of multidimensional radiation transport techniques that are being used to model nuclear oil well logging measurements. Both Monte Carlo and deterministic methods are employed for this work, and it is found that the realism that can be incorporated into these models has led to greater understanding of all kinds of logging measurements. As a result, models are now used as part of the new logging tool design process in much the same way that they are used to support nuclear reactor and shielding designs. Despite the success so far, there is still room to improve both Monte Carlo and especially deterministic methods for logging applications. Monte Carlo codes, impressive as they are, are still expensive computations for many logging problems. Although improvements in basic Monte Carlo can still be made, it seems that the next significant improvement in the efficiency of Monte Carlo will come from computer architecture in the form of multiprocessor machines. On the other hand, the principal limitation of deterministic calculations centers mainly on the lack of accurate, practical, three-dimensional transport capabilities. With this in mind, some recent work to extend a nodal, discrete ordinates method to three dimensions for logging applications is reviewed.

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