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The DCN-SN Hybrid Method for Neutron Transport Calculations in (r-z) Geometry

Yoichi Watanabe and Charles W. Maynard

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 92 / Number 2 / February 1986 / Pages 212-217


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A hybrid method for two-dimensional neutron transport calculations in (r-z) geometry has been developed. In this method the equation in void regions is solved by the discrete cones (DCN) method, whereas the equation in nonvoid regions is solved by the standard discrete ordinates (SN) method. The two methods are incorporated in one computer program so that a user does not see the difference from a program applying only the SN method. This DCN-SN hybrid method significantly mitigates the ray effects in a void compared with a solution by the same order SN. The method, however, requires a little more computing effort and it is difficult for the method to yield a sufficiently accurate solution for narrow duct streaming problems.

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