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Monte Carlo Calculations of Resonance Integral of 232Th

Bal Raj Sehgal

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 27 / Number 1 / January 1967 / Pages 95-103


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Resonance integral calculations are done for 232Th infinite dilute, 232Th metal rod, and 232Th02 rod systems. Doppler effect calculations are performed for 232 Th02 rod systems for temperatures up to 2000°K. The resolved resonance integral for rod systems at each temperature is evaluated by Monte Carlo calculations and the resonance overlap effect between the two resonances of Th at 21.78 and 23.45 eV is taken into account. The unresolved s- and p-wave contributions were computed by standard methods. The data describing the resolved resonance parameters up to 3 keV (гγ = 25.9 meV) recommended in BNL-325 (Supplement No. 2, 1965) are used in these calculations. The p-wave strength function in the unresolved energy range is taken to be 1.83 x 10 -4 (eV)-1/2. The calculated resonance integrals and Doppler coefficients are compared with measurements and they are found to be in excellent agreement with each other.

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