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Neutron Emission Cross Sections at 25.7 MeV: 51V, 56Fe, 65Cu, 93Nb, and 209Bi

A. Marcinkowski, R. W. Finlay, G. Randers-Pehrson, C. E. Brient, R. Kurup, S. Mellema, A. Meigooni, R. Tailor

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 83 / Number 1 / January 1983 / Pages 13-21


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Inelastic scattering of 25.7-MeV neutrons to unresolved final states with excitation energies up to ∼13 MeV were measured for monoisotopic samples of 51V, 56Fe, 65Cu, 93Nb, and 209Bi. Neutrons were produced via T(d,n)4 He reaction in a gas cell that provides a background-free source spectrum above En = 12 MeV. Time-of-flight spectra were taken at several angles between 25 and 145 deg using the beam-swinger spectrometer. The technique of dynamic biasing proved valuable in providing maximum detector efficiency and low background throughout the broad range of neutron energies. Data were converted to energy spectra, corrected for detector efficiency, averaged over 1-MeV bins, and corrected for sample attenuation and multiple scattering.

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