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Generalization of Neutron Transport Predictive Models Utilizing Sensitivity Theory and Its Implementation into a Computer Code

S. I. Bhuiyan, R. W. Roussin, J. L. Lucius, J. H. Marable, D. E. Bartine

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 93 / Number 3 / July 1986 / Pages 313-317


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Three models, a linear, exponential or BEST, and a power model, developed using sensitivity theory to predict deep-penetration neutron transport in practical shielding problems, have been generalized into a common expression. One can obtain any of the above three models from this generalized expression simply by choosing the proper index parameters. Subsequently, a scheme for implementation of this into a computer code was adopted in “SENATOR.” SENATOR replaces the SENTINEL module of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) FORSS system. The supporting data bases (i.e., the sensitivity profile) and the Fortran code, along with some utility programs, are assembled in a package identified as CONSENT and can be obtained through the Radiation Shielding Information Center at ORNL.

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