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Sensitivity Analysis for a Specific Fusion Reactor Shielding Experiment Containing Tungsten

R. G. Alsmiller, Jr., R. T. Santoro, R. L. Childs, J. M. Barnes, J. L. Lucius

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 83 / Number 3 / March 1983 / Pages 389-393


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Calculated and experimental results for the transmission gamma-ray spectra when ∼14-MeV neutrons are incident on a laminated slab configuration of stainless steel, borated polyethylene, and Hevimet (90 wt% tungsten, 6 wt% nickel, 4 wt% copper) were shown to be in substantial disagreement. The results of a cross-section sensitivity analysis (based on the two-dimensional model of the experiment used previously) are presented. In the analysis, only the nuclear cross-section data for the elements in Hevimet were considered. The cross-section sensitivities are found to be quite small, and it is unlikely that the disagreement is due to errors in the cross-section data used for the elements in Hevimet.

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