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Parameters of Neutron Resonances in 184W

F. A. Khan, J. A. Harvey

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 25 / Number 1 / May 1966 / Pages 31-36


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Transmission measurements on samples of natural tungsten (W) and samples enriched in 184W have been made with the ORNL fast-chopper time-of-flight spectrometer. The measurements were made at the 180-m flight station with a resolution of ≈ 10 nsec/m between 40 and 10 000 eV, and at the 45-m station with an energy resolution from 0.7 to 1.5% between 0.2 and 100 eV. The transmission data have been analyzed to give the parameters for 16 resonances in 184W up to 2100 eV. From these parameters the following data for 184W have been determined: an average neutron level spacing of 110 ± 30 eV, an s-wave neutron strength function of (3.1 ±1.1) × 10 −4, and a radiative-capture resonance integral of 12 ± 2 b.

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