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The Integral 9Be (n,2n) Cross Section

F. F. Felber, Jr., D. R. Farmelo, V. C. Van Sickle

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 25 / Number 1 / May 1966 / Pages 1-7


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The integral 9Be (n, 2n) cross section was determined by using Be and BeO samples irradiated in the core of the Battelle Research Reactor. The value obtained was 460 ±60 mb for neutrons having energies above 2.7 MeV and a fission spectrum. Fast-neutron dosimetry was accomplished using iron, nickel, and titanium threshold detectors. The results are based on measurement of the total amount of helium produced during irradiation. Corrections were made for the small contribution from (n, α) reactions on 9Be and 16O.

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