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On the Boundary Perturbation Theory as Applied to Nuclear Reactors

Yu. V. Petrov, E. G. Sakhnovsky

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 90 / Number 1 / May 1985 / Pages 1-12


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The effects of boundary perturbations on eigenvalues are reviewed. The perturbation theory is developed for application to calculations of the buckling of reactors whose lateral surface is shaped like a right circular cylinder or a sphere. It is shown that with the perturbation approach applied, the zeroth-order approximation can be a circular cylinder or a sphere of such a radius that the first-order correction for the buckling is zero. A buckling formula for reactors with a cylindrical side surface has been obtained within the framework of the second-order perturbation theory. An elliptical cylinder and regular polygonal prisms are reviewed for illustration purposes.

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