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Production of the Transuranium Elements

W. D. Burch, E. D. Arnold, A. Chetham-Strode

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 17 / Number 3 / November 1963 / Pages 438-442


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Gram quantities of many of the transuranium elements through californium-252 will be produced for research purposes in a production program centered at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Plutonium-242 produced in the Savannah River production reactors will be transmuted to various higher actinide isotopes in the High Flux Isotope Reactor (thermal flux—3 × 1015 neutrons/ cm2-sec) and recovered in the adjoining Transuranium Processing Plant. Calculations which optimized the production scheme are presented. The intermediate goal of the program, production of one gram of Cf252, should be accomplished by 1968.

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