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Turbulent Flow Split Model and Supporting Experiments for Wire-Wrapped Core Assemblies

Chong Chiu, Neil E. Todreas, Warren M. Rohsenow

Nuclear Technology

Volume 50 / Number 1 / August 1980 / Pages 40-52


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A flow split model for the turbulent flow in a wire-wrapped nuclear fuel rod assembly is developed taking the form drag and sweeping flow between subchannels into consideration. This model is applicable to the flow distribution between two types of subchannels, i.e., interior and edge subchannels. The constants in this model for each type of subchannel were determined using all experimental data in the literature and the results of two tests performed as part of this study to fill a gap in the available literature. These experiments to measure flow split were performed on two wire-wrapped 61 pin bundles of pin pitch-to-diameter ratio equal to 1.063 and wire lead to pin diameter ratios of 4 and 8. The predictions of this model match all experimental data in the literature within ±5%.

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