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Producing a Radioactive Source in a Deuterated Palladium Electrode Under Direct-Current Glow Discharge

Hiroshi Yamada, Kazuyoshi Uchiyama, Nobuhiko Kawata, Yoshiyuki Kurisawa, Mitsuru Nakamura

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 39 / Number 2 / March 2001 / Pages 253-259


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Anomalous gamma emission was rarely observed during direct-current glow discharge in ~3 Torrs of deuterium gas using a deuterated palladium foil cathode. Autoradiography after the discharge experiment showed that isotopes with low- and high-energy radiation components were produced before or during the discharge. The palladium foil after the anomalous gamma-ray emission was analyzed by secondary ion mass spectroscopy, which revealed a considerable increase in the content of iron and copper on the surface.

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