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Some Aspects of the Thermal Analysis of Metal-Encapsulated Spent Fuel

L. J. Jardine, M. J. Steindler

Nuclear Technology

Volume 43 / Number 2 / April 1979 / Pages 273-284


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A thermal analysis was made of a storage concept for a reference intact spent fuel assembly encapsulated in a metal matrix in a cylindrical canister. Maximum temperatures within the canister, as well as the canister surface temperatures, were estimated for interim storage of canisters in environments of a water basin, an air basin, and a vertical sealed storage cask. Comparisons of the thermal analyses of the metal-encapsulated concepts were made with a canister with an air filler (i.e., no metal encapsulation). A similar analysis was also made for a concept employing sheared spent fuel segments rather than an intact fuel assembly.

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