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Dynamic Materials Accounting in the Back End of the Light Water Reactor Fuel Cycle

H. A. Dayem, D. D. Cobb, R. J. Dietz, E. A. Hakkila, J. P. Shipley, D. B. Smith

Nuclear Technology

Volume 43 / Number 2 / April 1979 / Pages 222-243


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The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Safeguards and Security is sponsoring the development of advanced safeguards systems for future industrial-scale nuclear fuel cycle plants. As part of this program, the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory is engaged in conceptual design studies of integrated safeguards systems incorporating near-real-time (dynamic) materials accounting. Preliminary designs of advanced accounting systems have been completed for chemical separations, nitrate-to-oxide conversion, and mixed-oxide fuel refabrication processes. The proposed accounting systems combine current materials balance accounting methods with modern on-line measurement, data base management, and data analysis technologies. The results of these studies indicate that special nuclear materials can be safeguarded effectively in large-scale fuel cycle facilities. The design methodology and the insights gained from these studies are essential for the design of specific fuel cycle facilities and provide general design criteria to those planning such facilities.

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