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A Process Control and Safeguards System Plutonium Inventory Control for MOX Fuel Facility

Tsuyoshi Mishima, Minoru Aoki, Tadashi Muto, Tsuyoshi Amanuma

Nuclear Technology

Volume 43 / Number 2 / April 1979 / Pages 186-193


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The plutonium inventory control (PINC) system is a real-time material accountability control system that is expected to be applied to a new large-scale plutonium fuel production facility for both fast breeder reactor and heavy water reactor at the Power Reactor and Nuclear Development Corporation. The PINC is basically a system for material control but is expected to develop into a whole facility control system, including criticality control, process control, quality control, facility protection, and so forth. Under PINC, every process and storage area is divided into a unit area, which is the smallest unit for both accountability and process control. Item and material weight automatically are accounted for at every unit area, and data are simultaneously treated by a computer network system. Sensors necessary for the system are being developed.

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