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Protective Coatings (Paints) for PWR and BWR Reactor Containment Facilities

C. D. Watson, J. C. Griess, T. H. Row, G. A. West

Nuclear Technology

Volume 10 / Number 4 / April 1971 / Pages 538-545


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Protective coatings applied to the interior surfaces of containment facilities are expected to be resistant to an irradiation exposure up to 109 rads, pressures up to 60 psig (followed by a spray of heated borated suppression solution), and to remain in place during and following a design basis accident (DBA) occurring as late as the last day of 40 years of service. Many coating systems exposed to simulated DBA conditions in the laboratory and field evaluations survived the tests. The test data were used as a basis for writing a standard, “ANSI 101.2-1971 Protective Coatings (Paints) for Light Water Reactor Containment Facilities.”

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