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Track-Etch Radiography: Alpha, Proton, and Neutron

Harold Berger

Nuclear Technology

Volume 19 / Number 3 / September 1973 / Pages 188-198


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Several polycarbonate plastics and cellulose nitrate have been studied for radiographic imaging studies with alpha particles, protons, fast neutrons, and thermal neutrons. Comparisons, made with conventional film-detection methods in terms of exposure requirements, spatial resolution, contrast, and convenience, show that track-etch techniques can give comparable or better results. Comprehensive results for thermal-neutron radiography indicate that total thermal-neutron exposures in the range of 2 × 107 to 4 × 108 n/cm2 provide radiographs which display a contrast sensitivity of 1 to 3% and a spatial resolution of ∼25 μm. A scattered-light enlargement technique provides a simple means to improve visual contrast of track-etch images.

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