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Precise Measurement of the 63Cu(n,α)60Co Cross Section with 14-MeV Neutrons

G. Winkler

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Volume 67 / Number 2 / August 1978 / Pages 260-263


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The 63Cu(n,α)60Co cross section has been measured by activation relative to the well-known 27Al(n,α)24Na cross section. The 60Co and 24Na activities induced were measured with a 5- × 5-in. NaI(Tl) well-type scintillation detector. The average neutron energy was 14.80 ± 0.02 MeV, with an energy spread of ∼0.3 MeV. As the result, a value of 40.7 mb was obtained for the cross section with an accuracy of approximately ±2.5% (effective standard deviation) on a 1σ confidence level.

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