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Overview of the Filling Station for LMJ Cryogenic Targets

R. Collier, E. Fleury, O. Vincent-Viry, F. Viargues, P. Baclet

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 51 / Number 4 / May 2007 / Pages 758-763


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The "CEA cryogenic target fabrication project" includes many fields as material science, and technological research on the Cryogenic Target Assembly (CTA), DT filling and cryogenic transport to the Laser "M├ęgajoule" (LMJ). The research program to fill and transport CTAs to LMJ in 2010 is described. During the past 2 years, many designs and prototyping have been achieved allowing, at the end of the decade, the filling of CTAs by permeation.

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