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The Effective Thermal Conductivity of a Bed of 1.2-mm-diam Lithium Zirconate Spheres in Helium

John W. Earnshaw, Frank A. Londry, Paul J. Gierszewski

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 33 / Number 1 / January 1998 / Pages 31-37


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The effective thermal conductivity of a bed of lithium zirconate spheres in helium has been measured over the ranges 0 < P < 200 kPa and 600 < T < 1500 K. The data are fitted to the equation k = ap + bpT3. At 100 kPa, the thermal conductivity is given by k(T) = 0.69 + 2.2 × 10-10 T3 W/mK-1. A table of values for ap and bp is provided for other pressure settings. Values of the near-wall effective thermal conductivity are estimated from the data.

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