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Reachable Accuracy and Precision for Tritium Measurements by Calorimetry at TLK

C. G. Alecu, U. Besserer, B. Bornschein, B. Kloppe, Z. Köllö, J. Wendel

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 60 / Number 3 / October 2011 / Pages 937-940


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At Tritium Laboratory Karlsruhe (TLK) calorimetry is used as the primary method for tritium accountability and for samples ranging from micrograms to tens of grams. An accuracy of 0.3% is achievable for samples containing more than 0.5 mg tritium and the precision of each calorimeter is better than 0.5%. The results of the TLK calorimeters vary within maximum 0.6% from each other.

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