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Nondestructive Quantitative Dopant Profiling Technique by Contact Radiography

H. Huang, R. B. Stephens, S. A. Eddinger, J. Gunther, A. Nikroo, K. C. Chen, H. W. Xu

Fusion Science and Technology

Volume 49 / Number 4 / May 2006 / Pages 650-656


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We have developed the only non-destructive technique to profile graded dopants in ICF shells to the precision required by the NIF specifications (Doping level must be accurate to 0.03 at. % and its radial distribution accurate to submicron precision). This quantitative contact radiography method was based on precision film digitization and a dopant simulation model. The measurements on Cu/Be and Ge/CH shells agree with those from electron microprobe and X-ray fluorescence.

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