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Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis, Volume II: Applications to Large-Scale Systems

Dan Gabriel Cacuci, Mihaela Ionescu-Bujor, Ionel Michael Navon

Item ID: 800007|ISBN: 978-1584881162

2005|352 pages

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As computer-assisted modeling and analysis of physical processes have continued to grow and diversify, sensitivity and uncertainty analyses have become indispensable scientific tools. Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis. Volume I: Theory focused on the mathematical underpinnings of two important methods for such analyses: the Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis Procedure and the Global Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis Procedure. This volume concentrates on the practical aspects of performing these analyses for large-scale systems. The applications addressed include two-phase flow problems, a radiative convective model for climate simulations, and large-scale models for numerical weather prediction.
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