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Global/Top Fuel 2019

Seattle, WA, September 22-2, 2019

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The combined Global/Top Fuel conference hosted two plenary sessions, eight panel sessions, and over 70 technical sessions with two special sessions.  Additionally, a combined poster session was held Tuesday evening.

The Global program covered seven technical tracks: 
1. Fuel Cycle Strategies and Approaches
2. Current Fuel Cycle Technologies
3. Advanced Reactors (excluding MSR)
4. Molten Salt Reactors (ANS Reactor Physics Division cosponsor)
5. Advanced Fuel Cycles
6. Advanced Safeguards
7. International Collaboration and Public Acceptance
The Top Fuel program covered five technical tracks:
1. Fuel Performance Reliability, Operations, and Maintenance Experience
2. Advances in Fuel Technologies
3. Transient and Off-Normal Fuel Behavior
4. Used Fuel Storage, Transportation, and Reuse/Recovery
5. Fuel Modeling and Analysis