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Campaigning for Clean Air: Strategies for Pro-Nuclear Advocacy

Meredith J. Angwin

Item ID: 690099|ISBN: 9780989119047

2017|311 pages

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Pro-nuclear people can make important contributions to the energy debate. This book will help you make your voice heard. Advocates appreciate the importance of nuclear power for clean air and for our planet’s future. In this book, award-winning author Meredith Angwin guides you in your advocacy:
• Support nuclear energy while simply sitting at your computer
• Support nuclear energy in public, using the same techniques as professional speakers and communicators
• Speak at a public hearing or be invited to speak to a legislative committee
• Learn how to deal with your own emotions in a world saturated with anti-nuclear messages
• Find other nuclear supporters and have fun together.
Campaigning for Clean Air features anecdotes, examples and insights from many pro-nuclear advocates. This book will inspire your work for a clean energy future.