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ANSI/ANS-2.2-2016, Earthquake Instrumentation Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants

Current Standard, Supersedes ANSI/ANS-2.2-2002

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2016|44 pages

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This standard specifies the required earthquake instrumentation at the site and on Seismic Category I structures of light-water-cooled, land-based nuclear power plants. It may be used for guidance at other types of nuclear facilities. This standard does not address the following:

  1. instrumentation to shut down a nuclear power plant automatically at a predetermined parameter of the ground motion or the in-structure response;

  2. procedures for evaluating records obtained from seismic instrumentation and instructions for the treatment of data. These procedures and instructions are specified in ANSI/ANS-2.23-2016;

  3. instrumentation for nuclear power plant designs incorporating base isolation techniques.

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