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ANSI/ANS-3.7.1-1995;W2005 (W=Withdrawn): Facilities and Medical Care for On-Site Nuclear Power Plant Radiological Emergencies

Historical Standard, Revision of ANSI/ANS-3.7.1-1979;R1986

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This standard provides guidance for first aid during an emergency and for initial medical care of those persons on-site who are overexposed to penetrating radiation (irradiated). It also provides guidance for medical care of persons contaminated with radioactive material or radionuclides who may also be irradiated or injured as a result of an accident at a nuclear power plant. It provides recommendations for facilities, supplies, equipment, and the extent of care both on-site where first aid and initial care may be provided and off-site at a local hospital where further medical and surgical care may be provided. Recommendations are also provided for the transportation of patients and the training of personnel. Recommendations for specialized care are considered to be beyond the scope of this standard on emergency medical care; however, since emergency and specialized care are related, a brief discussion of specialized care is provided in the Appendix. This standard should be used by personnel responsible for planning facilities and implementing services to integrate the various capabilities at the on-site and off-site locations. A logical progression through first aid, transportation, initial medical care, and continued hospital care should be provided to be certain that quality services will be available at any time during such an emergency.

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