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ANSI/ANS-57.10-1987;W1997 (W=Withdrawn): Design Criteria for Consolidation of LWR Spent Fuel

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This standard provides design criteria for the process of consolidating LWR spent nuclear fuel in either wet or dry environment. The process can be performed either horizontally or vertically. The process utilizes the equipment and systems used to perform consolidation, handle fuel rods and nonfuel-bearing components as well as handle broken fuel rods. This standard also contains requirements for facility or installation interfaces, nuclear safety, structural design, thermal design, accountability, safeguards, decommissioning, and quality assurance.

The standard is not concerned with the storage of the spent fuel either before or after the consolidation process. These areas are covered in the following American National Standards:
(a) Design Requirements for Light Water Reactor Spent Fuel Facilities at Nuclear Power Plants, ANSI/ANS-57.2-1983; (b) Design Criteria for an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (Water Pool Type) ANSI/ANS-57.7-1981; and (c) Design Criteria for an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (Dry Storage Type) ANSi/ANS-57.9-1984.
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