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ANSI/ANS-5.4-1982;W1992 (W=Withdrawn): Method for Calculating the Fractional Release of Volatile Fission Products from Oxide Fuel

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This standard provides an analytical method for calculating the release of volatile fission products from oxide fuel pellets during normal reactor operation. When used with nuclide yields, this method will give the so-called "gap activity," which is the inventory of volatile fission products that could be available for release from the fuel rod if the cladding were breached.

The standard considers high-temperature (up to the melting point) and low-temperature (where temperature-independent processes dominate) releases and distinguishes between short-half life (half life less than one year) and long-half life (half life greater than one year) nuclides. This standard requires that releases for nuclides of interest be calculated with both the high-temperature and the low-temperature models, and the larger of the two calculated releases is to be taken as the result.

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