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ANSI/ANS/HPSSC-6.8.1-1981;W1991 (W=Withdrawn): Location and Design Criteria for Area Radiation Monitoring Systems for Light Water Nuclear Reactors

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This standard provides criteria for the establishment of locations for fixed continuous area gamma radiation monitoring instrumentation for use in light water reactors. It also provides criteria for design features and ranges of measurement for such instrumentation which are consistent with current and anticipated plant designs.

This standard applies only to area gamma radiation monitoring during routine operations, including anticipated operational occurrences. The following are not within the scope of this standard: (1) Monitoring during accident and post accident conditions; (2) The detection of ambient levels of other than gamma radiation; (3) Control and operator actions, if any, resulting from the area radiation measurement; (4) Portable health physics survey instruments; (5) Personnel monitoring devices; (6) Instrumentation used solely for the monitoring of various plant processes; and (7) The determination of alarm setpoints.

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