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ANSI/ANS-55.1-1979;W1989 (W=Withdrawn): Solid Radioactive Waste Processing System for Light Water Reactor Plants

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This standard sets forth design, construction, and performance requirements with due consideration for operation of the Solid Radioactive Waste Processing System for light water-cooled reactor plants for design basis inputs. For the purpose of this standard, the Solid Radioactive Waste Processing System begins at the interface with the liquid radioactive waste processing system boundary, at the inlets to the spent resin, filter sludge, evaporator concentrate, and phase separator tanks. All radioactive or contaminated materials, including spent air and liquid filter elements, spent bead resins, filter sludge, spent powdered resins, evaporator and reverse osmosis concentrates, and dry radioactive wastes shall be processed in appropriate portions of the solid radioactive waste system. The system terminates at the point of loading the filled drums and other containers on a vehicle for shipping off-site to a licensed burial site. The Solid Radioactive Waste Processing System is not a safety class system as defined by American National Standard Nuclear Safety Criteria for the Design of Stationary Pressurized Water Reactor Plants, N18.2-1973/ANS-51.1 and its revision, N18.2a-1975/ANS-51.8, Sections 2.2 and 2.3, and the similar draft standards for boiling water reactor plants. The provisions contained in this standard, therefore, shall take precedence over the aforementioned standards.

The product resulting from the solid radioactive waste processing system will meet the criteria imposed by standards and regulations for transportation and burial.
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